Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday's Gone

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel perpetually a day behind? I just cannot get the hang of this week. It doesn't help that I have about a million and one places to be, things to do, projects to wrap up and I am living the life of sudden crisis.

It's days like this that I long for a nice long nap. A book and a bubble bath. That content feeling of nothing to do and nowhere to be. And it's days like this that I feel like I may never have that feeling again. There is the constant weight of a million things I should be doing hovering just over my head. And it is daunting.

I imagine it's like this for everyone from time to time and I'm sure in a few days it'll clear up for me. Maybe even tomorrow.

Look at that smile. You can tell she's trouble
just by lookin' at her!
But if you are wondering where I am in the meantime... This is where. Tuesday.

Gratuitous shot of Brynna. Hey, I'm trying to make
this worth your while.

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