Monday, March 7, 2011

In Which I Write a Letter of Recommendation for Myself

To Whom it May Concern:

So, as I understand it, Jessi has applied to your fine institution for further education and requires a letter of recommendation. The task thus falls to me to try to impress you with her many, varied talents and her ridiculous sense of style. Just kidding about the style, the girl is hopeless. She is currently carrying a reusable grocery tote as a purse.

Among Jessi's many positive characteristics is her unfailing dependability. Okay, she may have totally forgotten about silly hair day at her daughter's school, but she doesn't forget the important stuff. Unless her thyroid is acting up. Her amazing dependability comes from her totally neurotic control issues and perfectionism. Of course that sucks when there is a group work situation, because she'd much rather just do it herself, but at least you know unfailingly that it will get done. Although possibly six minutes before it's due. That's just her way, really. Her mom made her junior prom dress on the day of the prom, so it's hereditary.

Also, you should know that Jessi is honest and fair. Unless you are asking if your pants make you look fat, then she will totally lie to you. I guess it would be more fair to say that she is perceptive about when you want to hear the truth. I find that quality to be sadly lacking among the younger generation and it is refreshing to see someone who is so enamored of pop culture to be so adroit.

Jessi is also very responsible. She can be trusted and relied upon and she takes complete responsiblity for any project that involves her. This is no doubt because her control issues have so bled into her life as to develop an overwhelming guilt complex. She hates to feel guilty and feels guilty about everything, because she is responsible for everything because she is a control freak.

All in all, Jessi is a has amazing character and works very hard to avoid improve the world around her. She is kind and loves vampires and zombies kids.


P.S. I don't think we see ourselves as others see us. What would you write about yourself?


Suze said...

This is not a good question for me now, I'm afraid. I am going through a time of profound non-confidence (is that the right word?) in myself and my abilities. For what it's worth, I'd highly recommend you!! :)

Jessi said...

Thanks. I think I always have that nonconfidence rattling in my head. Even when I think I do stuff well, I tend to think it's because of something I'm doing poorly.