Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miscellany and Tidbits

When Brynna was potty training, I felt like the whole world was on my side. People waiting in line in public restrooms would automatically bump me to the front of the line, total strangers would offer to stand with my grocery cart, once when I ran off too quickly, a woman brought my purse into the bathroom and pushed it under the door to me. "I didn't want to leave it there," she said, "And I thought if you weren't quick enough, you'd probably need what's in there."

I don't feel like that this time around. Saturday, in an undetermined big box retailer, I abandoned the cart, grabbing my purse and the toddler and took off for the restroom. There was a line in front of it for the tax preparer set up next door and people looked like they weren't going to move to let me through. I did a loud excuse me and then channeled my inner city girl and pushed right between two angry looking individuals. I tried to rush Maren into a restaurant bathroom a week or so ago and a older woman (who I honestly didn't notice, I wasn't trying to cut line) fussed at me. I blushed and stepped back. "I'm so sorry. She's potty training and I was in a hurry. I didn't see you standing there." Just then another stall opened up and it didn't matter, but I wonder what happened in the last four years. Actually, Brynna was significantly older, so more like three years.

Brynna told me that when she grows up she wants to be a children's book author and illustrator. I very nearly burst into tears. I can't wait to read what she has to write.

Not my zombie baby bookmark.
My remarkably less cute fully grown
adult zombie bookmark.
I've always had a plan to write a book entitled, Things I Never Thought I'd Say, full of stuff like "Get your shoes out of your mouth!" and "Babies are not weapons!" Things I've said to my kids that just seem like you shouldn't have to articulate out loud. Last night, I got up to answer the phone and realized I couldn't find my book mark. "I've lost my zombie baby," I said to The Husband. "Can you help me look while I get that?" He came up empty handed and I fumbled around a bit more after I got off the phone. "Poor, abandoned zombie baby," I said. Then I realized that was one for the book that I could not blame on my poor children.


Sad isn't it? All that empty expanse...
I've lost my wallet. My bank card never turned up suspicious activity, so either a very smart criminal has it and is stealing my identity as we speak (Go ahead, my credit sucks,) or it's somewhere in my house/car/myriad of bags/children's rooms (Maren likes to hide stuff from me). In either case, I'm replacing things. I've got a new bank card and The Husband just got new insurance cards and mine should be in a couple of weeks, so that's good. Other than that, I can't even remember what cards I had. How sad is that? I probably had thirty-some-odd cards in there. Mostly discount cards. Everything from fabric stores to pharmacies to groceries to restaurants.

I bought a new wallet and it contains my check book, bank card and an ice-cream punch card that I happened to have in my car. It's pretty sad.  How does one go about replacing their Subway card, I wonder. And can I maintain my points? I had points. They are probably gone now. Maybe that's what the ingenious thief is doing, stealing all my affinity points.

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Morgan said...

I bet your wallet is with my wallet & cell phone!