Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Things on Friday - Success Edition

Ridiculously stolen from eBaum's World.
Have you ever had one of those weeks where you felt like a total and complete failure? I'm on my second consecutive. It just seems that I can't do anything right. Including actually write my blog. I feel that I can't do anything right and the more I feel like that, the more I mess up. It's a vicious cycle of self pity and misery and frankly, I'm done with it. Starting now, I'm going to celebrate the successes, no matter how pitiful they may seem.

Five Things In Which I Have Succeeded This Week

1. Did not kill anyone - I have been beyond frustrated most of this week. With people at work, my husband, my kids, Blumina (the lady who's sometimes in front of me who drives at 45 mph no matter what and drives a Blue Lumina), with random people in stores, it doesn't really matter. Although I like to think of myself as "pacifist lite" I'm not above a little husband murder. Is there a name for that? Spousicide? In any case, I've succeeded all week long in keeping those around me alive. Barely.

2. Mystery Solved - Every day I walk through the house turning off lights and opening doors before we leave. Every night I come home to find half of the lights on and all of the doors shut. I was beginning to think that I am a. losing my mind or b. being haunted by a ghost who wants me to go broke on propane and electricity. Turns out that the only thing I am haunted by is a two year old who likes to use her new skills. If I could just make her quit it now.

3. Library Fines Paid - Yesterday I paid my late fees, Brynna's late fees and for the book that Brynna lost. Total came to over $15, but at least it's done and we can check out more books. That we can lose and forget about. But whatever, for now, we have stuff to read and everyone is relatively happy.

4. Kept getting out of bed - That's right, I'm counting the fact that I made it out of bed, into relatively clean clothes and out the door for four consecutive days ('cause of the holiday) as a win. Don't like it? I don't care.

5. Did not let the van explode - Anyone hear about this Ford recall? Yeah, I have one of those. That has now, officially been "fixed" by gluing on an "axle reinforcement kit." I'm not sure I feel that much safer, but now if I die a horribly firey death, someone can be sued.

What pitiful successes can you share with the class?


Suze said...

My kind of week, too.
We didn't freeze to death on the way to preschool this afternoon, a true accomplishment since it was -12 with a -30 windchill this morning (still not cold enough to cancel school).

Jessi said...

Note to Self: Quit complaining about it being 4 yesterday.

Gah. I can't imagine having to take the kids out in that. Of course, I can't imagine the kids being stuck in because of that either. I guess there's just no winning.