Friday, August 6, 2010

Five Things on Friday - Educated Edition

Since I'm having such a lovely and oh-so educational day, I thought I would share with everyone five things I have learned today:

1. That nice flat bit in the metal on the undercarriage of your car, the one where the jack fits sort of perfectly? Don't put the jack there.

2. Fleas love laundry.

3. When the doughnut tire is on the front of your car, the cars lining up behind you can't see it. They will therefore ride your bumper and make faces at you when they pass. Especially if you are driving at the tail end of the morning rush.

4. Taking your lunch to work requires actually picking your lunch up and taking it to work. Not just setting it on the table by the front door.

5. My kids rock at changing tires.

Also, all morning long (and let me promise you, it was a very long morning) I kept having one song lyric pound through my head, "The stars are stacked against you, girl, get back in bed." Since her day ends up well, I'm hoping mine does too. Here's the song:


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Oh noes! I'm sorry you're having an "educational" day. I think I'd rather stay uninformed that to get that sort of "education". I do hope it gets better!

Orlandel said...

I would have gone back to bed.