Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's In My Crochet Bag - Long Overdue Edition

Hey, yeah, remember that birthday present I was making for my mom. For her birthday. In May. Yeah, well, I just gave it to her this weekend. Hooray! Nothing like a mid-summer, nothing is special present to brighten your day. Especially when that present is a sweater that would have rocked in the Spring. Yeah.

So, just ignore the squinty-eyes and the furrowed brow. It was bright, ya'll.

Here we have a truly weird creation. The Simple Crochet Shrug from Lion Brand.

Loves and hates about this project:

Love: The design - I was so intrigued by this design, which seemed to make no sense whatsoever that I safety pinned a baby blanket together to make sure the theory was sound.

Hate: The pattern - The "pattern" is one stitch. Approximately 6,384 times. Booring. That's really what took me so long. It's an easy enough pattern, but I kept falling asleep every time I picked it up.

Love: Totally adaptable - For instance, I'll never do that stitch again. EVER. But, I can do it with any single stitch or small repeatable pattern. You could totally do it with cables. Chaining a few more in the beginning will make it longer and adding rows will make it looser and the sleeves longer. I think you would want to keep it proportional, but in theory you could easily make the pattern bigger or smaller. I am thinking of doing one in cream or white for a "throwover" for Brynna this fall.

Hate: Um... I mentioned how repetitive it was, right? Hmm... Well, that's it. Otherwise I pretty much loved it, but you should be warned that it was a BIG hate. A fiery sun kind of hate.

I've been sort of not doing much crochet for the past few weeks. Trying to make myself work on this. And it's been worth it, because I love how it turned out. I had intended it for mom to wear to D's graduation this spring and didn't make it. Not even close. But, next time, I'm making her something really stellar. With a metric ton of detail.

In the meantime, I have some fun projects going, so be prepared for more crochet goodness.


Mom said...

I love it!! The yarn is so soft and it so totally goes with my entire wardrobe(denim)and its got that drapey look that I am really into now. Very cool!!!!

Mrs. Allroro said...

Looks very versatile. Dress it up or down. Spring or fall. Even summer, as a just in case. Even winter, over a very plain sweater. I Love it and I'm so glad your mom loves it.

And once again, you've inspired me. (to blog, not to crochet.)

Suze said...

That's really lovely! And it looks like your mom totally digs it, too, which is great.