Saturday, July 24, 2010

Five Things on Friday - Saturday Beatles Edition

Sorry about yesterday. I was sort of down in the dumps and the only subjects I could come up with were things like Five Historical Figures I'd Like to Have Drawn and Quartered or Five Famous Battle Sites I'd Like to Visit or Five Authors Who Committed Suicide Who I Loved. And none of that stuff seemed appropriate so I just skipped it.

But then, this morning I watched Across the Universe. Have you seen it? If not, I highly recommend it. It's a musical done entirely with Beatles songs. It's not about the Beatles, though, there's no mention of the Beatles. There's a Timothy Leary type and a Janis Joplin type and a Jimi Hendrix type, but mostly it's just the story of people trying to survive the '60's. It's weird and not the best movie ever, but I could watch it nonstop all the time because it's enthralling.

Anyway, while we were watching, they started singing "Hey Jude," and The Husband said, "This is my favorite Beatles song." And I said, "That's everyone's favorite Beatles song," because he woke me up at 9:00 and demanded that I get up and eat the breakfast he had cooked and that makes him sound really nice, but trust me, he was all cheery about it and I hate people being cheery right as I wake up. It's pure, unadulterated evil.

So, then I tried to think of what my favorite Beatles song is, and I couldn't. Because that's sort of like asking what my favorite book is, I have no freakin' idea because there is just too much to love.

So, I decided to have a top 5, except I'm not even sure I can do that, so I decided to have a random 5, which is really what Five Things is all about and now you're about caught up with my day. Except for the very exciting hour I spent sorting out all the mail that lands on the tea cart.

1. Eleanor Rigby - So melancholy.

2. Paperback Writer - And I wanna be a paperback writer!

3. Blackbird - Oh, my.

4. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - I mean, really, it's almost like Hey, Jude, so many people love it.

5. Revolution Number 1 (and 9) - But just 1 here, because you can't really sing along to #9


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Grrrrr! I had a comment about favoring "Yellow Submarine" over "Blackbird" and watching the "Yellow Submarine" cartoon on TV each year, and passing my love of saying "I've got an 'ole in me pocket" on to my kid, and calling people "blue meanies" when they weren't being nice, but then the page refreshed when I tried to get it to show me the stinkin' captcha, and I lost my comment. Blogger, you are a blue meanie!

Steve said...

And there was I thinking that only I remembered the Blue Meanies.

I have no idea how to choose a top five of the Beatles. There are way too many competing gems that have topped my personal chart at different times in my life. (In my life, see what I did there? :-) )

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds did play a part in the naming of my daughter, which tells you a lot.

Jessi said...

Actually I tell Brynna she's got the blue meanies whenever she's in a crabby mood. I don't know where I picked up treating it like a condition, because they were things, right?

Steve - I could have listed a lot of others, this was just sort of what had occurred to me. Almost all of them are in the movie, too, so they were probably top of my head.