Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last year, my teeth started breaking like glass. It was like one of those teeth falling out nightmares, except that I never woke up. I thought I had the situation all taken care of, but apparently, my teeth beg to differ.

I have a dead nerve in one of my teeth and it hurts like you wouldn't believe. You would think that when a nerve dies, it would quit doing it's job and there wouldn't be any pain. You'd be wrong.

This is quite possibly the hardest pain I've ever dealt with (physically, at least). You are talking to a woman here, who has twice over had a foot long gash sawed in her abdomen and a baby yanked out of it. I know pain. And this is worse.

Of course, I inherited a high pain threshold from my grandma and so when I do feel real pain, I tend to get whiny about it. But still. Bad, pain, bad.

The kicker is that I have been crying all night. First, Temerity Jane wanted to know about having kids. I cried a little reading her post and the responses and then I cried buckets writing my response. I don't even know why. Then, my mom posted about her truck. And my kid brother's truck. And I cried all over again. Because I made her give up her truck. Because I don't have a classic car to sell to take my kids to Disney. Because she and D have this incredible bond over these big trucks and I just want an overhead console because I love the freakin' toys. Seriously, I try to care about engines and safety features and such, but ultimately, I'm afraid that what I care most about is change dispensers and the car seat mirror.

I think we should assume that I am hormonal. Because I don't usually cry like this. Okay, yeah, I do. But not quite this easily.

But, for now, the crying is making my sinuses swell and press against my teeth. My head may explode from the pain. So, people - quit it, just quit it. I want nothing but funny YouTube videos and snarky celebrity commentary until this toothache goes away. Okay? Okay. Thank you.

Please feel free to use the comment section to make me not cry.


Suze said...

Did you try tying a giant scarf around your jaw like the girl in the picture? I bet that would help a lot! And it would look pretty cool.

(Kidding. Thought I might make you chuckle instead of cry, though.)

Orlandel said...

First of all you didn't make me give up my truck. Even if I had kept it, it would still be a broken down old truck today. And we went to DISNEY WORLD! Hello!! People win the Super Bowl to be able to go to Disney!

Second of all, we'll sell Dyour brother's truck (as soon as he goes to college and I get to drive it once) and we'll all go to Disney!! And maybe take a cruise too - cause it will sell for a lot more than mine did!