Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conversations with a 31 Year Old or Why I Married My Husband

Last night, The Husband was really tired and went to bed early. I was really interested in watching Happy Town, and stayed up late. Er. I mean later. Because, clearly 11:00 p.m. isn't LATE, late. Just, erm, later.

Anyway, went I crawled in bed at 11, my husband and I had the following conversation:
The Husband is in itallics. I am not.

So, Jensen Ackles is the same age as me.

Hm. I would have figured he was younger.

Yeah, I mean, he looked like a baby on Dark Angel.

I forgot he was on that.

But, this is good news, because now, if I ever meet him, I could totally hit on him and not be a dirty old lady. No one could really call me a cougar, because we're the same age. I'm actually a couple of months younger.

Good call.

This conversation may seem pretty much not a big deal. But, that's the charm. Because it could have been a huge deal. With someone else. It could have gone more like this:

Hypothetical nonHusband is in itallics. I am not.

So, Jensen Ackles and me are the same age.


Jensen Ackles.


Jensen Ackles. From Supernatural. You know, the one I'm not-so-secretly in love with. Jennnnsennnn Acccckkkkllllessssss.

Oh. Why is this news?

Because, I could totally hit on him and not be a dirty old lady. Because we're the same age.

Yeah, but since he lives in Hollywood and films in Vancouver, it seems like your chances of hitting on him are slim to none.

That's so not the point.


Suze said...

This made me happy. I was hoping you guys were okay.

I can't replicate many conversations with my own husband because they are so often littered with obscure TV references (we have pretty similar taste in television, oddly enough) that no one would get it.

Say hey to Bob for me, will ya?

Mrs. Allroro said...

Gotta love those understanding husbands.

I knew my husband and I had made it when we were able to communicate effectively purely by grunting.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that; my husband on the other hand is iffy on my crush, Jensen LOL. Though he does let me have my pics with Jensen on the wall, al three of them. Yeah ately he has discuss moving them out of the living room; LOL that discussion will last a while if I have my say. You know there has to be boundaries but I would not want him to have Halle on the wall. I mean really. Thanks for sharing.