Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Once a month, I have Board meetings for the Montessori Board. Because I am going to Brynna's school, to sit in Brynna's class and talk to Brynna's teachers about things that affect Brynna, she wants to come. I can't let her. Because of rules. And because of distractions. And because of my sanity.

So, I've taken to calling them my Boring Meetings. As in, "Oh, honey, stay here and play with Papaw, because I'm going to a Boring Meeting."

Twice a year, I have a Board meeting for work. My small, nondescript nonprofit hosts our national board. It's a to do. Since we are a tiny organization, we don't have a space for more than about four people to meet. So, we borrow a space. And we often bring in food. Sometimes there's a caterer and sometimes there's me.

There's technology to coordinate and copies to make and it's all very mundane event planning type of stuff. The fact is that I love this event planning type of stuff. I really love the details that go into a perfect meeting. Cookies from the bakery and a screen that comes down out of the ceiling. Remembering that the former board chair likes milk in her tea and that the current board chair believes that nondairy creamer is an abomination. I love it when it comes together. I love that moment when the panic and stress and worry resolves into assurance that I've. Got. This.

Unfortunately, that moment then dissolves nearly seamlessly into the actual meeting. During which, I take notes. Which is really the Boring Meeting in my life.

I mean, there's no such thing as a really excellent, totally interesting, fascinating and fun Board Meeting. At least not in my experience. I've worked for three nonprofits and served on one Board and it's all pretty much the same crap. Financials and approval of minutes. Then there's some overwrought discussion about something that matters just a little in the grand scheme of things. The big stuff, the really important stuff, usually gets handled in about seven minutes and then you get a 45 minute discussion on CD rates.

It's pretty much a comedown. But not a comedown I can make a big deal out of. I have to sit there with a smile on my face and check the water bottles to make sure they're still cold and hold the pile of extra agendas.

It's not that I'm bashing my org. You have to understand, I adore my former board prez and my the current one isn't so bad, either. The VP has grandkids the same age as Maren and he is precious with his iPhone full of pictures. One of the board members is Irish and has the most beautiful accent in history and is almost as snarky as the voice in my head. I enjoy seeing these people. It's lovely. Delightful. So boring it gives me a headache.

So, that's where I am today and tomorrow and then sweet freedom, Board meeting cleanup and pretending that it'll be eons until the next one. Think of me. Think of me fondly.

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Mrs. Allroro said...

So cute that you get excited about the preparations. I need help with the party planning.

This so makes me think of staff meetings I've had in the past. I remember one when the director of the organization brought up a topic, several staff raised questions on the issue, and then the director said, "What are you all getting so upset about? This doesn't concern you." Then why did you bring it up at our staff meeting, we wondered.

I especially like that you check on the temp of your water bottles. Precious.