Monday, March 22, 2010

A Return to Hats

I have a confession to make. Are you ready? I don't care if I never make another hat. Seriously.

This week, I return to my church hat-making group. We've expanded and we're doing hats for the homeless, too. Which is awesome. In fact, we're really just making hats for anyone who needs a hat. Which has led me to think that maybe I should make hats for preemies. Because if there's anything I love it's a bitty baby. And because I was incredibly blessed to have ginormobabies. Seriously, they could make SciFi movies about my huge babies.

Monster Babies on Mars

The Baby that Nibbled on and Slobbered on Manhattan

Attack of the Man-Racking Babies from Outer Space

I know how lucky I am, is what I'm gettin' at here.

However, I am a little bit burnt out on hats. I mean, I have a fabulous hat book that I have only made one tiny hat out of. And I didn't even make that many hats. I mostly made flowers for hats, but still. I am so un-charged up for hats.

Is there a Doilies for the Homeless project I can get involved with? No. Of course not.

So, please, if you have any exciting hat patterns, send them to me. Because I'm a little tired of grinding out the hattiness. Also, I'm still trying to figure out the whole knitting thing. I currently need help with reading patterns and also need help with figuring out why my first and last stitch in each row are way tighter than the rest.


Steve said...

Much as you profess to enjoy my posts about football (aka soccer), likewise I wish to proclaim my enjoyment of your mysterious expositions on crochet and knitting. It's like reading somewhat opaque poetry. I am enjoying without necessarily understanding a word of it.

Orlandel said...

Too bad - you have to suck it up and be there with yarn!!! However, I really like the idea of premie hats. (and yet another outlet for our wonderful hats - and a use for the little bitty loom!!!) I would think they could even be sewed out of really soft knit fabric. Why don't you research that and see what you can make.

PS I'm with Steve on the whole knitting thing. ..."opaque poetry" that I don't understand a word of....

Jessi said...

I'm so glad you enjoy it. I like that, opaque poetry. Last night, while I was writing this, Bob said, "What are you writing about?" and I said, "It's Monday." After a blank stare, I explained that on Mondays I always write about crochet. "Is there really that much to write about?" he responded. At least someone appreciates me. :)

Mrs. Allroro said...

Oh, Bob. I wonder what Bob would write about on Mondays. Would you amuse me and guess?

I love reading everything you write, too. That sounds like a cheesey thing to say, and maybe something that I thought I'd never say (I usually don't agree with people who say that to people), but I mean it.

When I was on jury duty, there was a retired lady who made hats and blankets and sent them to Haiti (I think) to an orphanage. I think she also made bibs? Booties, maybe? I can't remmeber. But she really cranked them out. I don't remember her name, either, but I think she went to Gano, and I know she shopped at Kroger. :-) All useful information. (I wonder if somebody could find her in a Kroger card database from that info. Probably. Sad.)

Maybe you could make doilies and donate them to Dover Manor or something. You could make a doily for every nightstand and end table in the joint.

I know somebody who's full of suggestions for other people's charity work--things she would never do herself. (Somebody else.)