Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm really sleepy, but I didn't ever get around to posting my crochet bag yesterday, so I really don't want to skip. I hear that there's this thing called Random Tuesdays which cracks me up because isn't blogging all about being random pretty much all the time. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, I don't know, but here's some randomness in the ultimate lazy blogging method: lists!

5 Things I Wish I Had Right Now
1. Jacuzzi tub
2. 2nd bathroom
3. Paraffin hand lotion
4. Something to wear to work tomorrow
5. Sanity

4 Things My Kid Does to Make Herself Seem Older than She Is
1. Says, "just so you know"
2. Says, "As you well know..."
3. Says, "My work is important to me."
4. Willingly goes to bed on time.

3 Things That Have Annoyed Me Today
1. My husband always goes to the bathroom when I have to pee.
2. I have the thermostat set to get colder at night (apparently it makes kids sleep better) and I freeze right before bed.
3. Shampoo is way expensive

2 Things I Think You Should Know About Me
1. I have a totally weird psychosomatic reaction to not brushing my hair where my head itches uncontrollably until I brush my hair.
2. My eyebrows twitch when I get really mad

1 Thing I Insist on Doing Before I Die
1. Going to Alaska


Steve said...

I don't believe number 4 of your 4 things. Or maybe I'm just jealous and don't want to believe it.

Jessi said...

You should know that number 4 of my 4 things refers to my 14 month old and I'm sure she'll grow back out of it any day now. The five year old insists that she can stay up until midnight. And truthfully, she just about can. I make her go to bed at 8:30 so I have some peace. It has nothing to do with her.

Sage said...

I have that trouble with my hair also... ...and also with my face, it'll annoy the heck out of me until I wash it. I say, "My face feels funny!!"

Jessi said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one!!