Friday, January 29, 2010


I totally want to cop out of writing today. I want to say, "Oh screw it," kick back a margarita and ignore my little corner of the blogosphere. I want to do that because I'm having a really crappy week. But, I'm not because I didn't write yesterday and had no better reason than spent-the-whole-day-trying-to-appear-busy. Apparently, the nearly half hour I spent on Twitter was more busy looking than writing a blog post, which at least involves typing and therefore the semblance of busy.

Side note: Is there any usefulness to Twitter at all if you don't have a smartphone? Seriously, if I don't have Twitter through an IV the way I want caffeine and/or tequila right now, is it even worth the bother? I can't imagine it is.

Side-side note: Is there a drink that includes both tequila and caffeine. I'm thinking tequila in coffee would be gross, but I but you could conjur something with Mountain Dew that wasn't totally terrible. In fact, now that I think about it, I do believe that's how they make the margaritas at a Jimmy Buffett concert. Or maybe just green Kool-Aid, who knows?

Side-side-side note: I wonder why 90% of Kool-Aid is red. Off the top of my head, there are two types of blue, one type of orange, one type of purple, 1 clear, 1 yellowish and 37 red. I mean, all that fruit you can use as flavor inspiration and everything ends up being red. Do you all just get a really great deal on red food dye? Because I'd like a couple more varieties of purple. I don't like grape, but I like purple things. So non-grape-purple things make me especially happy.

Side-side-side-side note: Our furnace is out and it's supposed to be 8 degrees tonight. Because I got nothin' but good timing, so I may be purple tomorrow. If I am I'll take a picture. I have a crapload of crochet to do and I can't do it when my hands are half frozen. Although, I do like my purple finger nails, especially since they aren't grape flavored.

Side-side-side-side-side note: I believe that one of the biggest failings on blogger is the lack of picture options. I'd really like a caption option. I'd like a little box under this picture that says, "Me getting ready for bed last night." Because it's funny. And I really made that face. And also because it's a really old picture, so it won't do to just stick it in here like it's relevant to the world and makes any sense. You might think it's Maren. Or that Brynna has some kind of non-growing disease. In any case, I'm sleepy.

Well, I think that's long enough to qualify as a post. Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be hibernating/avoiding going home/sleeping too long because my room is 90 degrees and the rest of the house is 50/crying in my empty margarita glass, because in other news, my blender won't crush ice anymore.


Orlandel Creations said...

I'll buy you a blender. And a heater.

Suze said...

Sucks about the furnace! I hope that gets fixed or replaced pronto!

Do you like coffee? Can't remember. Anyway, it's gooood with some Irish Cream and/or Kahlua.

Suze said...

Oh yeah. And Red Bull with vodka, which sounds BEYOND repulsive to me...

Jessi said...

Mmm. Coffee and kahlua sounds good. I've never had that. I don't like red bull with or without anything.