Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just So You Know...

Brynna started saying "Just so you know..." last night and I had a moment of wondering if my mother ever thought about ripping out my tongue.

"I need to go to the bathroom, just so you know."
"Mommy, I want my sauce on the side, just so you know."
"Just so you know, I can't find my little Rainbow Dash."
"There's only one cookie left and I'm going to eat it for breakfast tomorrow, just so you know."
"Milk, please. Just so you know."
"Just so you know, you're in my room."
"I helped Maren with her coat and shoes, just so you know."

I swear, it was either at the beginning or end of every sentence she said last night. Except for a charming exchange we had about whether or not Santa's reindeer would like carrots this year and if we should leave them on the lawn or in the house for Santa to take outside.

Then this morning, we had this cute talk:
Brynna: Mommy, what if Santa forgets to stop?
Me: He won't. He's got that list, you know. And he checks it twice.
Brynna: Right. Okay, well, what if his sleigh slides off the roof?
Me: Santa does this all the time, you know. He'll know whether or not he can land on our roof and if he can't, he'll land in the yard, or on the deck.
Brynna: Oh. Well, where's our chimney.
Me: We don't have a chimney. That's why we leave Santa a key. Remember?
Brynna: Right! The key. Okay. You'll call him and tell him about the key, right?
Me: Sure.
Brynna: Okay, I'm just making sure we're ready. Just so you know.


Mom said...

"Let me tell you...." yes, all mothers have that phrase that they never want to hear again.

(Duwayne ended every sentence with a motor noise of some sort. He still adds the motor sounds, but now they are interspersed throughout his conversation.)

Jamie Roberts said...

todd still says "and then suddenly.." even if it wasn't suddenly or in addition to anything