Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Shall Make Millions!!

This morning, while on the way to work and mentally ranting about things outside my control, I came up with an idea that shall make me a millionaire. Are you ready?

The Locator
The Locator comes with up to 4 Locatelettes and 1 Home Base. Simply stick a Locatelette to any hard surface on any object. Then, at any point, you can press the button on the Home Base to illicit an ear splitting wail that will only stop when you have successful located the object.

Stick them on everything! Your cell phone, your car keys, your favorite earrings. The locator is so small that it will never be noticed. Tired of losing the baby's paci? Locate it with the Locator. Completely waterproof and nontoxic the Locator can safely be used on pacifiers, bottles or favorite toys. Need to find a lovey or a blankie, simply stick the locator to a Hard Surface Converter (sold separately) and attach the Converter to the soft object using a pin back or heavy duty velcro.

Need more than 4 things located? No problem, booster packs of Locatelettes are available. Call now and you'll never lose another thing!

This genius idea came right after I noticed that I have never seen a tacky inflatable Hanukkah decoration. Is there a hole in the market? Because I have some lovely designs in my head. The best one is a dreidel that turns.

It was a rough morning folks.

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Jessi said...

Just to clarify. I shan't make millions on the inflatables, because, they do in fact, exist. I shall make millions off the other. Which is why I wrote the commercial.