Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A New Year

Brynna turned five yesterday. It was a happy occasion. I miss certain things about four, but I am already twisting five to my advantage. Below is a short list of things that "five year olds can do":

Turn on the bathroom light
Feed the cat
Sleep with only one light on
Dress themselves
Brush their teeth without help
Keep their own rooms clean

For the record, all of these items are things that I am already absolutely certain she can do. I have seen her turn on lights when she thinks no one is going to come do it for her. I have seen her feed the cat when she is promised ice cream. I have seen her sleep in the pitch dark, so I know she can handle turning out a few of the myriad lamps around her room. I know she can dress herself because it works just like playing dress up, except with clothes that won't melt in the dryer. We've been working on the teeth thing. She has never yet kept her room clean, but she cleans up after herself at school, so her room shouldn't be that big of a challenge.

I would like to say that five year olds do their own laundry. Or that five year olds pitch in with the dishes. Or that five year olds do windows. Goodness knows no one else does. But, alas, I am sticking with what I know I can accomplish.

I do think it's time to add a chore to her list, though. So far, she sets the table (only when I want to eat dinner cold from all the time spent arguing), she scrapes her plate in the trash and puts it in the sink, and she picks up her toys (sometimes), and she cleans the toilet (I know you all think I'm an evil genius, but she LOVES this job. She begs to do it. And why should I say no?) So, what should I add?

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Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

If you have a dishwasher, she's old enough to help you load the plastic cups into the top rack. Jamie was about 5 when I made him start helping me. I'd put in a glass one, then he'd put in a plastic one. Then I'd put in a glass one, and he'd put in a plastic one. I told him we were making a puzzle, and he loved doing it (now I have to yell at him to do dishes... but I digress).