Monday, July 13, 2009

More Scatteredness

So, in true scattered mind fashion, I bring you... A Blog Entry About Nothing in Particular!!!

There's nothing like accountability. So, here's my update on my weekend promises:
  1. Read 200 pages of Empire Falls. - OK, I read about 100 pages. But, I thought it was about a 300 page book and it's a 500 page book, so I'm going to be frantically reading the night before just like every other book.
  2. Crochet something that I like. - interesting story - I don't own any patterns or yarn for me. OK, not so much a story as statement. I didn't know this about myself and my stash until I was at home desperately trying to come up with something. So, instead, on Saturday, mom and I went yarn shopping. I got some yarn for leaves for my flowers, but I also got enough for a sweater and a shawl for me! More on these projects soon, I promise.
  3. Have a big breakfast on Saturday with waffles and the whole nine yards. - Check! Best waffles ever! I made my regular waffles and then covered them with cream cheese and sauteed raspberries. Heaven on a plate. I am a culinary genius!!!
  4. Have a small breakfast on Sunday so that I don't have to think about church clothes and getting the kids ready until the last possible moment. - Check
  5. Sleep in at least one day. - Not so much. The Husband and I switch off sleeping in days on the weekends and this weekend, Sunday was my day. But I was up from 5:45-7:00, so I don't really consider sleeping until 8:30 sleeping in.
  6. Watch a movie. - I finally saw 1408! It was everything I expected. I love Stephen King and I love John Cusack and nothing makes me happier than heckling a horror movie.
  7. WRITE!!! - I wrote four pages, which, not great, but hey more than I wrote last weekend, so win! Except my jump drive seems to be hating me with the passion of a thousand suns, so I can't access said pages and I may not have them any more. Fail.
  8. Spend at least 2 hours not caring, even a little, about laundry. - I spent most of the weekend not caring about laundry, which was not a good thing. Now I have to care desperately about laundry all the time I'm home. Like getting up in the morning in time to get a load through before work kind of caring, so again - Fail.
What's in My Crochet Bag - Flowers!!! Allow me to explain. this morning, I couldn't find the camera, so I packed up a handful of flowers and figured I'd take the picture with my office camera. When I got here, I realized that the battery was dead in the office camera and I don't have the charger cord in my desk. I have no idea where it is, and I really hope someone around here, does, but they are all in South Carolina today. So, I took a picture with my phone, which was a pretty good picture, better than this one, certainly, but then, I remembered that I have no idea how to get the freaking picture off the freaking phone, since I don't have Internet on my phone. I know, I know, I live in the stone ages, but do you know what that costs?!? So, I slapped them on the color scanner and gave it a try. Granted, it looks weirdly artsy and the color is a little, um, sickly and the chrysanthemum is totally squished and I'm not sure you can tell anything at all by this mess, but there it is! Flowers!!

It's actually getting pretty hard to keep my location under wraps, as everybody wants me to link to them. Brynna's Montessori has figured out the power of the Internet, you know, less than a decade late, I guess. And they want all the parents to put a link on their blogs. Which is cool, you know. I'm also doing the website for my church through Blogger, because, you know, free, easy, whatever. And, kinda necessarily, the freakin' address is right on the page, so I am wondering what you guy think about anonymity.

I don't care about me. I would publish my cell number if I thought it was at all interesting, but I want to do what I can to protect my kids. So, here is what I am thinking are my options:
  1. Stubbornly refuse to admit where I live no matter what who wants.
  2. Make up cute little monikers for the girls and go back through the archives and get rid of their real names.
  3. Say, what the hell, nothing will probably happen if people know my kid's first names and the town they live in.
  4. Cower in fear and cry hysterically.
Of the blogs I read, it's about half and half. Some refer to their kids by their real first names and some have made up names, but the ones that use their real names are mostly non-specific about where they live or b. live in cities so huge that tracking down a Noah in Washing D.C. is probably not the easiest thing ever. I live in a small town, a scarily small town. Like I've seen family reunions bigger than the population of this town and scary crazy people everywhere have computers and well, you know, bad things happen. But, I don't want to be a weird paranoid psycho mom, either. I mean, I am NOT helicoptering here. So, I'm asking for feedback. What should I do? Am I being paranoid? Do you worry about your kids when you blog, social network, post pictures and video? What precautions do you think are reasonable and what precautions make you seem like a crazy person waiting for trouble? Also, anyone have thoughts on cutesy little monikers?

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Suze said...

Oh man, I dunno. I'm not completely anonymous b/c I use our real first names and disclose our city and put up pictures of us and all, but I keep our last names and my email out of it. If someone wanted to try really hard and find us, they could, and if someone who knows me stumbles across my blog, they know immediately who I am, and I'm okay with that. One reason I do it at all is so that my family can check in and see what we're up to and get their picture fix.

Basically, I figure if you're not afraid to be listed in a phone book and seen in public, you can blog without fear. Don't do anything stupid like publish nekkid pictures of your kids or videos of them taking a bath, and keep your email hidden...maybe I'm just too naive, but that's my take on it.

And it's nice of you to want to advertise your Montessori school, but you shouldn't feel obligated to do that if you're concerned about anonymity. The school should understand.