Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Payless Imelda Marcos

Someone called me that years ago. I don't remember who, but I liked it. Not because I care more about shoes than people, but because I really, really like shoes. And purses. And I tend to buy them at Payless.

Not anymore, though. Now I own about five pairs of shoes and I cry every time I think about it. Also, bags? I am such a bag queen. I always say, you can never have too many bags. You'll need them when you move. And yet, with all my bags, I am seriously underrepresented in the purse department.

Which is really what this is about. Even though the shoe thing makes me sad. (Seriously-five pairs of shoes-and I'm counting my flip flops.) But, no, it's about purses. You see, despite my undying love for purses, I have given up on them. At least until I a. write the great American novel or b. have mostly grown children.

I have a big black purse that I carry to work. It can hold an 9x12 folder, my planner, my camera, all my personal stuff and my summer house. I'm kidding, I don't have a summer house, but if I did, it would fit in that bag.

I have a diaper bag. I actually have two. A big one and a little one. They carry, well, diapers and other baby related stuff.

I have a little black purse that I call my date night bag. It barely carries anything.

And I have a wallet. It's a wallet that may, one day, be mistaken for Brynna's. It's purple with hearts all over it. But, it holds my cell phone. So, that's now what I carry. A wallet. I throw it in my big black work bag, or my diaper bag, or the library bag, or Brynna's backpack or my grocery cart. And, about once every two months, I throw it in that tiny black bag.

This might not sound sad. I can see that. I can see how you could read this and think, well, at least that wallet's working for ya. At least you're not carrying that briefcase masquerading as a purse with you everywhere you go. But you'd be wrong. It is sad. It's sad because I don't care about wallets, but I love purses. Of all the things I've given up as a mother - my alcohol tolerance, shopping trips that last all day, my record of never setting foot in Toys R Us, movies every weekend - the thing I miss the most (today) is purses.

So, who's with me? Who has given up something as an adult or a parent or a responsible employee or whatever, something stupid, something unimportant that you miss terribly, terribly bad? Share and we shall all commiserate.

By the way, I promise that soon, I will post vacation-y stuff. Pictures and all.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Having five million different shades of lipstick. I don't even wear make-up anymore. ME! The girl who, in high school, couldn't set foot outside her home without being perfectly made up, and now I can't even be bothered to wear chapstick.

Jessi said...

I was never a make-up girl, but I know what you mean. I would now, I think. I mean, I'm aging and all, but I just can't seem to even consider it.

Suze said...

Things I have given up since having kids: brushing my hair every day, reading a book a week, seeing movies (much less even knowing what's out to see), clothes that aren't stained, clothes that match, a sense of self-worth (kinda kidding), a career track (that was only barely started anyway)...

I've gained some patience, though. I guess that's something.

Jessi said...

I still brush my hair every day, but only because my head gets itchy if I don't. And yes, I do know that is entirely psychosomatic. All the rest of that I've pretty much given up.