Friday, June 26, 2009

Movie News

Today, I have, for your reading enjoyment, three pieces of Jessi-fied movie news:

1. Tim Burton is making a live action Alice in Wonderland. Did anyone else just make a squee sound? No, just me that is this excited. Does this help:

image courtesy of Disney, via MamaPop

Creepy, huh? In a really good way, though. I am all about Tim Burton and his warped little dead people falling in love world. I will probably be one of the first ones in line to see it. Will I take my kids? NOOOOOOOO. I can't imagine taking little ones to something this obviously nightmare inducing. I still get nightmares from Willy Wonka.

2. Brynna's going to see Transformers. I really, really want to see Transformers, but she is going without me. Why, you ask, why? Because my little brother wants to take her. And I am being a gracious mother. Actually, I have been trying to point out good things about this development and I have a few: a. They are going to the drive-in, so I get to see how she's gonna do with that, without chancing having to leave halfway through the first movie with a screaming child in the car. b. It's cheaper this way. c. It may be 700 degrees at the drive-in tomorrow night and I will be in the air conditioned bed room watching Food Network.

3. I have a date for Harry Potter. It's not opening weekend, but that's okay, because it's the Monday immediately following opening weekend, and somehow, inexplicably, the only people I'll be around who might see it before me are my parents. I'm going with my book club and we are supposed to be going in costume, but it is right after work, so I may just take a witch hat to throw on my head. I'm very excited about it. Although, I'll have to take a box of tissues. I just know this is going to be worse than Sirius.


Strangeite said...

You could always go as a witch trying to dress like a muggle.

Mom said...

Your little brother is suddenly worried about the language factor that Transformers has. He's not sure it's appropriate for a 4-year old. I don't which makes me sadder - that Transformers isn't appropriate for a child or that my "baby" realizes that it may not be appropriate.

Mrs. Allroro said...

I think it's wonderful that you are a part of a group that wants to go to a movie dressed in costumes.

Jessi said...

Roy - Good plan, nightgown over jeans - check.

Brynna ended up being too sick to see Transformers. So, we've rainchecked to next weekend.