Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please, Sir, May I Have Some Wait?

This morning was Dr. Tuesday in our world. Maren had a follow-up about her ear infection. It cleared up beautifully and there is no reason to think she'll go deaf. Yet. I asked her about the rash (did I not tell you guys about the rash - Oh well -)

Maren got a rash last week. I have never had first hand experience with food allergies, so, you know, I kinda don't expect them. So, after we took Maren to the Dr. about the ear infection and got that straightened out, I asked if I could start her on stage 1 foods since she REFUSES to eat cereal.

So... about the time she started amoxicillin for the first time ever, we gave her bananas. Like idiots. So, she broke out in a head to toe rash and we debated. Is it the antibiotic or is it the bananas? Have you ever met someone allergic to bananas? Is that possible?

So, we took her off the bananas and left her on the amox, but then we were done with the amox and we still didn't know.

Back on track now - I asked the Dr. and she thinks it was a viral rash. A viral rash? I've never heard of such a thing. After some googling, I think they just don't know. It does look like some of the pictures listed as "viral rash" and like none of the pictures listed as "allergic reaction." So, maybe. All I know, is we are trying sweet potatoes next.

Then I scooted myself to my Dr. for the appointment of which we do not speak. I won't go into any detail, because that would be speaking of that of which we do not speak and I might die. But there is blood testing in my future, so that's no fun.

Here's my whininess for today: I took a book. A book I am desperately trying to finish before Wednesday evening. And I had practically no waiting. It was ridiculous. The pediatrician took me early, the Dr. of whom we don't speak took me early. I had no reading time and I am 60 pages into a 300 page book and I will only have possibly an hour to read tonight and no time tomorrow.

Why is it that if I forget my book I have to wait 7 hours while the Dr. performs 11 emergency surgeries, but if I remember it, I spend 19 seconds in the waiting room? I guess it seems silly to complain about not having to wait, but you know, I'm a crazy-busy person. With lots of crap to accomplish in a day. When I am off work, waiting in a Dr's. office, I like to wait. It's about the only time I ever get to do that. Just sit, with no one asking me for a cup of milk or a file found or to maybe have some clean underwear this century. No one asking me for anything, insipid TV playing quietly in the background and a book. Does life really get any better than the waiting room at the Dr.'s for a mom?

So, then, that begs the question: When did I turn into the weird kind of person who likes to wait? I'm impatient, so that just doesn't seem to make sense. And further, is there a way to tell the office staff that you are in no hurry and they could feel free to bump someone who is (like that lady who never gets off her cell phone or the one who had to bring all five kids with her) ahead of you?

"Miss? I appreciate that you are running ahead of schedule today, but do you think I could sit out here by the fountain and listen to Regis and Kelly and read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for a little while longer? Not too long, I do have to go to work at some point, but for ten or fifteen more minutes? Would that be alright?"


Suze said...

How old is Maren? I've heard of banana allergies (remember Katie C from college? Her younger daughter is allergic to bananas, or was as a baby).

I think moms love waiting rooms. It's like unexpected alone time. Last summer I got my first (and dear god, I hope ONLY) UTI. Since I was breastfeeding, they made me go to urgent care before they would give me antibiotics and I had to wait for almost 2 hours for the test and to see the doc, who was running late. Except for the burning and the cramping and the fever and the constant general discomfort, it was great - 2 hours of uninterrupted knitting time, and I NEVER get that at home.

You take what you can get, I suppose.

Jessi said...

She's almost 6 months. I didn't know that about Katie's daughter (I didn't know Katie had kids, I don't think.)

I'm glad it's not just me with the waiting rooms. I'll have to get you to teach me to knit one day. I hated it last time I learned, but you never know...

Suze said...

Katie's got 3! Mali is almost 7, Greta just turned 4 and Quinn is probably Maren's age.

Jessi said...

I had no idea. I've kept up with a lot of Bethel-ites, but not everyone.

Suze said...

Well, I hadn't made a habit of keeping up with Kentuckians, but then I happened to be in town when Ann got married 3 years ago and I saw Jenn at the wedding. Now you and Roy are reading my blog, and it's practically a HS reunion! I guess that's a good thing, though I shudder when I think about what I was like in high school. I'm more grown up and nicer now, I promise.

Jessi said...

I never thought you were anything but. Nice, that is, not so much with the grown up, but more than me, definitely. I still try really hard to not be grown up, but you know... Kids and all... Kinda hard.... Everyone must feel that way because I was almost afraid to comment on your blog because I was so unpleasant in college.

Suze said...

Oh good heavens I was such a snot to you! I still feel bad about that.

And I'm not THAT grown up. I still think farts are funny.