Friday, February 6, 2009

An Open Letter to my Furnace

Dear Heat-Providing Mechanism -

I know that I don't spend enough time talking to you and telling you how much I appreciate your hard work at keeping my family alive. I also know that you have run twice as hard this winter as last and never complained. I know that it was not your fault that we lost power and you had to shut down for three days. I know that you would probably like more attention.

I know that I have never sung your praises the way that I have sung the praises of more triffling objects, like the crock pot or waffle maker or flat iron. I know how this must hurt.

I tell you all of this in the hopes that my newfound appreciation for you will convince you to tell me why you suddenly quit providing much needed heat to my family last night. Yesterday, my house was warm and cozy and all was right with the world. This morning, not so much.

There is still propane in the tank, I checked. Not much, I'll admit and you will need a refill before spring (much to my dismay). But still, it's there. If it's there, shouldn't you run?

It's not so much that you've stopped working that hurts me, but that you refuse to explain why. I thought we were closer than that. Please, let me know what the problem is, so I can fix it. Or just work again, that would be good too.

I'll never take you for granted again (this week). I promise.

Love and furnacey kisses,
Jessi (mother of two precious babies who need heat)

P.S. We'll always have Sadieville in the winter.


Creations said...

Maybe if you promise to change the filter every month like you are supposed to the furnace would feel a little more loved.....just a thought.

Jessi said...

Okay, okay. I have sufficiently loved my furnace until March, hopefully. New homeowner growing pains, I guess.

I'm still singing it's praises every time I'm in the basement, just in case.