Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday Pancakes

How did I not know about Fat Tuesday pancakes?

I got an email from Brynna's Montessori teacher last week that there was no need to send lunch on Fat (or Shrove) Tuesday because they would be having the traditional Shrove Tuesday pancakes to celebrate.

What?!? Okay, so initially I was just thrilled to not have to put together a lunch that my child would not eat, would complain about, and probably still would not meet the high dietary requirements set out for Montessori-moms. (Possibly, the most mom-tastic, alpha-moms on the planet.)

I sort of forgot about it, except the not making lunch part.

This morning, I get up and every news channel, radio station and local whosit is at I-HOP enjoying pancakes in honor of Fat Tuesday. I-HOP is apparently offering some sort of free pancake bonanza.

Really, I thought it was all about getting drunk and throwing beads. I mean, I know it's your last day to eat really rich foods and get a big ole slice of King Cake (incidentally, I just found out that the baby in King Cake is supposed to represent Christ and I'm a little creeped out by the thought of a tiny Christ doll in my mouth.) But I had no idea that pancakes were involved. Seriously, an annual excuse for pancakes.

So, here is my query and please, please weigh in. My daughter had frozen pancakes for breakfast and I had a handfull of strawberries. My daughter had pancakes for lunch and I had Taco Bell. I really, really, really want to honor Shrove Tuesday, this holiday I didn't know existed with pancakes for supper. Would I be the worst mom ever if my kid got pancakes for three meals in the same day? Discuss.

In the meantime, if anyone else had no idea that today is the day of pancake-y goodness, check out the wikipedia article about it : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrove_Tuesday.

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Jessi said...

So no one weighed in. I felt a little guilty, but we had waffles. Slightly different than pancakes and with fruit on top, so there was a little more nutrition to it. I also made sausage, 'cause seriously, who doesn't love breakfast for supper.